When a business realizes they are running out of storage space or they need a more strategical storage location, they contact Wise for a short or long term storage solution. 

Why is the right Warehousing so important?
1) Because many manufacturing plants or retail facilities don’t have the trucks or warehousing space to meet storage and distribution needs.
2) Instead of investing millions into building their own warehouse or obtaining a fleet of trucks, they use a public or contract warehousing solution. This also allows a business the flexibility to fluctuate their storage needs as demand rises and falls. 

Public & Contract Warehousing

Public Warehousing – create a flexible storage solution that scales based on seasonality and other volume fluctuations.

Contract Warehousing – custom solutions with dedicated space and facilities. Learn More

Public Warehousing

What is a Public Warehouse? Benefits for You?
A public warehouse is a facility that stores inventory for many other businesses as opposed to a "private warehouse," which is owned and operated by the company whose own inventory is stored there.  Many small businesses cannot afford to own, lease, or staff, their own warehouse, so they utilize a public warehouse option.

Benefits of Wise Public Warehousing: 
Reduce your shipping and distribution costs
Support seasonal volumes spikes and overflow
Avoid capital investments
Make logistics costs a predictable percentage of sales

Compared to private warehousing, public warehousing facilities are affordable, convenient, and flexible. 

Call Wise to learn more about Warehousing & Storage Offering: Phone: 1-803-648-8521

Contract Warehousing

What is Contract Warehousing? How can it Help?

Contract warehousing is an arrangement in which a partner warehouse agrees to receive, store and ship goods for a client. The contract dictates the terms of service and length of the agreement. The time-frame can vary from months to years and the fee structure can be fixed cost, costs-plus or a combination of the two. Contract warehousing agreements can provide for various other services including handling, packaging, shipping and inventory management.

Contract warehousing companies help businesses store goods in a central location so that products can get to their destination more efficiently. A centralized warehouse facility reduces both the cost of transporting goods after order processing and the delivery time-frame. Contract warehousing is a preferred alternative for many organizations because it lowers overall costs and capital investment.

Using a contract warehouse means that you don’t have to worry about managing day-to-day operations of inventory management. For many companies, that’s a big selling point. By leaving daily warehousing operations to the experts, businesses are able to flourish by sticking to their core competencies.

Wise is well known in the industry and we offer expert contract warehousing services in Aiken, SC.

Contract warehousing with Wise can simplify operations as your company expands. When considering a contract warehouse, keep in mind Wise's benefits.

Here some considerations:

Low Cost of Entry – Our contract warehouse solution takes capital costs out of the equation, such as construction and maintenance costs. The facility already exists and you can move right in.

Trained Employees – Experienced employees in all facets of warehouse work.

Value Added Packaging – We offer a single point of contact to maximize communication and project efficiency.

Cross Docking and Transloading: to help increase shipping speed and productivity.

Transportation – Providing multi-mode transportation services via an extensive network of affiliated asset-based providers.


Transloading is the practice of transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another. It has become the preferred way to handle goods for import wherever possible. Because warehouse and operational space often comes at a premium, many shipping operators usually will not remove contents from containers or flat-racks on site.

With the right equipment and facilities Wise offers a convenient facility for destuffing containers and sending contents out via truck. Transloading can save your business time and money.

De-stuffing and breaking down a container and then shipping out via truck is significantly more cost effective than sending the loaded container out and having to bring it back empty.

Another common situation where transloading would be an advantage could include transferring the contents of three 40 ft sea containers into two 53 ft semi-trailers, considerably lowering transportation costs.

When transloading, the party handling the goods risks the expense of damages and thus requires efficient workmanship and specialized equipment. Our staff is properly trained and certified, and our facility offers the right equipment for quickly transferring the contents of any container. 

How does it work?
We will de-stuff your container in our facility and then send the goods to destinations via truck. This is significantly more cost effective than sending the loaded container out and having to bring it back.

With the right equipment, facilities, a convenient location, and 60 years experience handling specialized shipments Wise has become a choice provider for container transloading in the CSRA, and for the entire Southeast, USA.

Cross Docking:

What Is Cross-Docking?
Essentially, cross-docking removes the “storage” link of the supply chain.

Products are unloaded from a truck or railroad car, sorted, and directly reloaded onto outbound trucks or rail cars to continue their journey. Products going to the same destination can easily be consolidated into fewer transport vehicles. Alternatively, large shipments can also be broken down into smaller groups for easier delivery.

Cross-Docking Advantages: 
1) Products are spending less (very limited) time in a warehouse,
2) Inventory handling and storage costs are reduced.

Additionally, goods typically reach their final destination (i.e. the customer) much faster, giving the retailer a competitive edge.

A convenient cross dock facility can save you both time and money by keeping your products in motion without the need for long-term storage. Wise's cross dock options provide cost-effective, short-term warehousing, with combined transportation with local delivery

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