Container Breakdown

Do you accept products and shipments that come from shipping containers? 

Wise is qualified to handle, strip / breakdown and sort all containerized goods that have cleared customs. Container Breakdown / Container Stripping is the removal and organizing of goods in a standard shipping container, this process is also called destuffing or devanning.

Breakdown / Stripping is one of the most arduous tasks of the logistics process.  Our staff will relieve you of the burdens of emptying each container while providing an efficient and cost effective way to keep your business running smoothly.

Wise offers efficient breakdown options for various types of shipments at very competitive prices.

We can assist from the very start:
once a container shipment is cleared and available for pick up, we can arrange for transportation (with the proper insurance to handle your freight), to pick up and bring the shipment to our warehouse in Aiken, SC. 

We then unload the merchandise from the truck, separate and load the cartons or drums onto new pallets, and shrink wrap it. Once it is all shrink wrapped, we arrange for transport to pick it up and schedule a delivery to your customer, or your organization's own location.

We will fax or email a copy of Proof of Delivery for all delivery points, which confirms you /or your customer receive the correct shipment.

Benefits & Advantages of Container Breakdown include:

Inspection & verification of items received, 
Ability to identify issues that may have occurred during shipping, 
Dispose, re-cycle or re-purpose pack blocking materials used during shipment, 
Ability to repack or pack goods according to specifications, 
Itemized sorting, ensuring proper shipment to desired product destination, 
Wise is qualified to package and crate, and brace items being shipped overseas. 

Container Breakdown

Container Stripping

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